Plant-based resources improve environmental efficiency

BIOTEC uses renewable resources to develop and manufacture fully degradable materials. The expertise of BIOTEC lies in the blending and modifying of such materials to create special compounds, blends and masterbatches. BIOTEC’s concept takes full account of the entire biocycle.

The objective is to render extrusion processes environmentally friendly and innovative through the use of natural resources.

All bioplastics produced by BIOTEC are characterized by extreme functionality, environmental safety and highest quality. Our compounds not only offer alternatives to conventional plastics, they also provide additional properties such as biodegradability and compostability.


Our production process is specifically designed to reduce the consumption of energy, water and other critical resources and to minimize the formation of waste.

We specifically use:

  • silos for our raw materials in order to save packaging and energy
  • safe and stable packaging for finished goods
  • internal heat exchange circuits
  • power supplies from renewable resources
  • GMO-free starch from local partners
  • local logistic partners.

BIOTEC’s understanding is that high quality management and efficient processes will lead to a responsible use of natural resources and thus high customer satisfaction.