Let´s start training together!!!

We are proud and happy to announce that the below-mentioned colleagues of Biotec, have successfully passed the apprenticeship training test.

[Patrik Dellweg, Beata Pohl, Marcel Reintjes, Sinja Roelofsen]
  • Sinja Roelofsen
  • Marcel Reintjes
  • Beata Pohl
  • Patrik Dellweg

We would like to congratulate them for their achievement. Let’s hear what Beata Pohl has to say:

“I took the exam to be able to train others, without a trainer qualification certificate it is not possible to a credited instructor.

Therefore, I attended a preparatory course in which all relevant topics were taught. The most difficult was the theoretical exam. If, someone enjoys working with young people and wants to participate in helping them develop their personality, in addition to the specialized knowledge that is required, the training certificate is the best way to achieve this.”

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